How do I map a departmental network drive to my computer?
Many departments on campus use a shared network location for file storage between department employees. While each employee has a personal storage location (called the M: drive), a department drive allows access by many or all departmental employees. All pertinent departmental information should be saved to that location, never on your computer.

If a departmental employee or student worker do not have access to the network share and needs access, an email must be sent to by a supervisor requesting access, or a supervisor may place a request via the Web Help Desk Help Request page.

How to Map a Network Drive on Windows 10

1. Open windows explorer

2. Click "This PC" in left side navigation bar.

3. Click "Map network drive"

4. Choose a logical drive letter for drive and type full folder path starting with "\\".

How to Map a Network Drive on Windows 7

1. Open up Computer (Start, Computer)

2. Click on the button that says Map Network Drive:

3. Select the drive letter you would like to use, and enter the path of the network drive starting with "\\". Check the box that says “Reconnect at logon” and then click Finish.

Access denied on network drive
A user must be authorized to access a network share in order to map it as a network drive. If the user attempts to map a network share to which they do not have access, they will receive an error message stating: 
 <Drive Letter>: is not accessible. Access is denied.

 If this occurs, the user's supervisor must send an email to CougarNet or put a ticket into WebHelpDesk with category "Employee Access Request" requesting the employee is granted access to the network share.

M: Drive does not appear
If a user's M: drive or mapped drive does not appear in My Computer, ensure the user has a working network connection and have the user reboot.

If the drive does not appear after a reboot, Try manually mapping the M drive with location:  \\cougars\home

If issue persists, create a ticket assigned to Fishbowl.   

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