How do I upload content to a Blackboard course?
Please note: This FAQ is for uploading documents (powerpoints, articles, reading materials, etc).  If you want to add an assignment, test, or other interactive or graded materials, please search for an FAQ specifically related to that type of item.

First, navigate to the area/folder of the course you want the items to appear in.  Wherever you are in the course when you start this process is where the item will be uploaded.

Then hover over the Build Content button, then choose Item

First in the Content Information section, give your item a name.  If you are only attaching one document, you may want to just use the name of the document.  If you are attaching multiple items (for example, powerpoint presentation from every chapter of the book that will be covered that week) you can give it a more generic name, like Week 2 PowerPoints for example.  Once you have a name, you can either click Browse My Computer to find the documents on your computer, or drag and drop the documents into the dotted line area.

If you want to attach more than one document, using drag and drop is easiest as you can drag multiple documents at once.  However, you can also click Browse My Computer again.  The browse only lets you select one item at a time.  But you can continue to click it again and pick another new document, and it will add them all.

You will see all the documents to be attached listed.  If you attach anything accidentally, you can click on Do Not Attach, and confirm that selection, and it will remove the document.  When you are ready to post, click Submit.

You will now see the items uploaded into your course.

As an additional note, if you need to update any file you have added because you found typo's or had to change some information, you can overwrite the existing file instead of having to delete the whole item and starting over.  Update the document on your computer, then follow these steps:

Navigate to the item, and click on the drop down arrow next to the specific document you want to update.  Then choose Overwrite File.

Click Choose File, browse to the updated version of the document on your machine. and choose Open.  Then click Submit.  This will overwrite the document with your updated version of it.