What information do I need to know about a conference call?
How do I get set up for audio conference calling?
You can put in a request via https://helpdesk.cuchicago.edu under the request type of Phone System and Conference Calling or you can call the CougarNet Helpdesk at (708) 209-3131 and make a request for audio conference calling.
What number do I use to dial into a meeting?
Dial 708-209-3200 or simply x3200 from an on-campus phone to dial into a meeting.
How do I enter the conference call?
To enter the conference call input the meeting room number and press # .
How many callers can be on a conference call at a time?
There can be 20 individual callers in a call including the moderator.
What is my pin?
The pin is either your moderator code or attendee code.
What is my meeting number?
The meeting number is your room number provided upon your request for a moderator code. The room number is typically your 4 digit phone extension.
Why was my conference call disconnected?
If a moderator does not join the call, all callers are disconnected after 15 minutes.
How will I know if someone joined the call?
All participants will hear a single beep when callers join the call.
What will happen if the moderator drops off of a call?
The call will continue as normal.

Can the moderator re-enter the call if they drop off?
The moderator can rejoin the call but they will need to use the attendee access code instead of the moderator code. The system will not prompt for the moderator code once the call has been started.

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