How do I sign a .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat?
Signing a .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat
Please note that adding a signature will lock future editing of the .pdf file. Make sure any changes to the document are made before adding a signature.

These steps apply to both the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and the paid Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  • Open the .pdf file you are attempting to add a signature to
  • Click "Tools" in the menu bar and under "Fill & Sign," click "Open"
  • Under the "Fill & Sign" menu bar, click "Sign" and click "Add a signature"
  • There are three tabs to select from at the top: Type, Draw, and Image

  • Type: You type your name and Adobe Acrobat converts the text into a signature
  • Draw: You use either your mouse pointer or a touch surface (if your machine has one) to draw your signature
  • Image: You browse your machine and select an image file that contains your signature already to create your signature within Adobe Acrobat5.¬†Click where you are attempting to add the signature to insert the signature into the .pdf file.
will be able to use this signature for any additional documents that require a signature. You can access the signature the same way that you added it, the signature will appear in place of the "Add a signature" option listed in Step 3.

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