How can Staff and Faculty add Outlook e-mail to a personal computer?
Create a new IMAP account 1. Choose “Manual Setup” in the Add Account Setup screen

2. Then choose IMAP



3. In the POP and IMAP screen, fill out the form like below but with your information, then click “More Settings…”:  Server names:

  • IMAP:
  • SMTP:

Username: username (Your username includes the CRF at the beginning)

Password: regular password used for webmail/logging on to PCs

Email address:

4.   Click More Settings

5.   In the “Outgoing Server” tab, enable SMTP authentication.

6.   In the “Advanced” tab:Select SSL for the Incoming encryption typeMake sure the Incoming Mail Port is set to 993Select Auto for Outgoing encryption connection.

Make sure the Outgoing Mail Port is set to 587

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