How do I connect to my on-campus CUC desktop with Remote Desktop Connection (RDC/RDP)?
If you have been granted the ability to access your CUC desktop you should have received an email containing specific connection information. The connection process is also listed below:

Your connection process will vary based on the type of personal device that you are using to connect to the campus network. At this time, we are able to support computers running both Windows and Mac OS.

Connecting from a Window PC
All Windows PCs already include the necessary software required to connect
  1. Run the Remote Desktop Connection profile from You can save the file to your desktop by clicking Show Options and selecting to Save As.
  2. Open the Remote Desktop Connection profile downloaded in the previous step by double clicking on it.
  3. Enter your computer name in the “Computer” field.
  4. Click connect.
  5. When entering your username you will need to include @concordia.local at the end.
  6. You may receive a warning about trusting a certificate, check the box to always trust the certificate.

Connecting from a Mac
Macs do not include by default the necessary software to connect and this software must be downloaded. Please download the correct version of the software from the Mac App Store: Click Here

After installing and running Microsoft Remote Desktop click Add PC.
  • Click Add PC. 
  • Enter your computer name in the "Computer" field.   
  • Under "Gateway" select the dropdown and select the option to Add a Gateway. 
  • For Gateway name, enter and click add. 
  • Click the add button again and you should see an entry for the computer, double click to connect. 
  • If you receive a certificate warning click to continue.

Interacting with the Remote Desktop Connection
Once connected you will interact with your campus desktop as if you were on campus. If you need to minimize the remote desktop connection, you can move your mouse to the top-center section of the screen and a drop down will appear. Utilize the minimize button.

Disconnecting from the Campus Desktop
When you have finished working you should always disconnect from your campus desktop. Do not use the Shutdown command to disconnect from the desktop as you will not be able to reconnect. You can disconnect in one of a few ways:

- Click the close button from the menu bar in the top-center section of the screen. This will close the connection but allow you to resume your work the next time you connect.
- From the Start menu click the disconnect button from within the shutdown menu. Do not shutdown the computer as you will not be able to reconnect.
- From the Start menu click the Sign out button. This will log off your campus desktop. You will still be able to reconnect remotely.

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