What is Cisco Jabber and how does it work?
Jabber is an all-in-one communications tool for businesses. Use it to send instant messages, make phone calls, join meetings, and manage your contacts.

Send a message to a person - Enter the name in the search bar and select the person from the list of contacts to instant message.
Call a person - Select the Call icon from an active conversation window or from your contacts list. 

Calls to an off-campus number will still require you to dial 71 and then the 10 digit number. 

You cannot make calls to 911 through the Jabber application. In the event of an emergency please use an actual phone to dial 911 to ensure emergency personnel are able to locate you. 

When pressing "More options" (3 dots) on the top right corner, more features appear:
Schedule a meeting - Connect with Outlook to make a meeting
Share your screen - others can see what is on your screen.
Open Roster - See who you're chatting with and add others to the chat.