How do I grade work my students have submitted in Blackboard?
There are two ways to get to work submitted by your students in Blackboard to grade. One is through Needs Grading, the other is through the Full Grade Center. For both, open your course, and in the Course Management Control Panel, click on Grade Center.

If you choose Needs Grading, this will just give you a view of items that you have not yet graded (note: unless you have specifically set up discussion boards to show posts in Needs Grading in the discussion board settings, you won't see them in Needs Grading). From the list, hover over the name of the assignment, and a drop down arrow will appear to the right of the name. Click on that, then choose Grade All Users.

If you choose the Full Grade Center, you will get a view more like a traditional grade book, where you see a list of all students and all assignments. The yellow circle with an exclamation point means its a submitted item that needs grading. The pencil and paper means there is an attempt in progress (discussion boards, blogs, etc also show up with this item because students continue to post).  Here is a full list of symbols in the Full Grade Center and their meanings.

If you hover over the cell you need to grade, a drop down will appear on the right side of the cell. Click on that, then choose the attempt you wish to grade (choose Grade User Activity if its a discussion, wiki, blog, etc)

This will then open the inline grading tool through Crocodoc (please note, discussions, blogs etc are not graded using Box). On the left, you will see the document the student submitted. On the right, you will see the area you will use to enter the final grade and comments.

Please note, if the preview pane does not properly populate, you can likely still download the submission to your PC, grade it and upload it back to the system using the steps here: FAQ 80

Also of note, if the student attaches more than one document, only the first shows up immediately in the preview pane. You can change which one you are viewing by clicking on the file names in the submission area.

If the item you are grading includes a rubric, click on the small drop down arrow right below the Attempt box, and above the Submission box.

Then click on the pop out box for the Rubric.  For more details on how to use a rubric, click here: FAQ 106

You can also add comments directly into the paper. You would do so by clicking on the Point Annotation mode button.

Click on the part of the paper where you want to make a comment.  This will add a point to that exact location on the paper, and open a text box for you to add a comment

Write out your comment, then click Post

You will now see the point saved on the paper

If you hover your mouse pointer over the point, you will be able to see the comment, or delete it using the garbage can icon, if you need to remove it

Once you have finished any updates you want in the paper, be sure you have the points entered on the right, along with any additional written feedback you'd like to provide, then hit submit.

Once you hit submit, you will then see the grade automatically entered into the Full Grade Center, and the assignment will no longer show up in your Needs Grading area.