How do I view my instructors feedback on a graded assignment?
Log into Blackboard and go to the course with the graded assignment. Open the My Grades area.

The Total box should be slightly highlighted blue, and will have your current overall grade. Above that, you will find a tab labelled "Graded". These show you assignments that have already been graded by your instructor.

There are a few places you will generally click to see feedback. The Comments bubble, the rubric link (if applicable), or on the name of the assignment itself.

The comments bubble will open a box with any general overall feedback your instructor provided after they have graded your assignment.

Clicking on the Rubric link will give you a view of the rubric (Note: this is only available if your instructor used a rubric in grading your assignment)

Clicking on the name of the assignment will open a full view of the instructors feedback and mark up on your submitted paper.

There are several things to look for on this screen to see all information available to you.

If you were graded using a rubric, you can also open it from the full view.  you will see a small box near your point total. Clicking on this will open a pop up window showing you how you were assessed based on the rubric (note: not all assignments necessarily have a rubric).

Anywhere your professor has left a comment in your paper, you will see a blue "speech bubble" by the text.  Hover your mouse pointer over the bubble to see the comment

The same comments you were able to view through the comments in the My Grades area are also visible in this area.

Please note: If your instructors feedback is not in the view described here, they may have attached a file with "Track Changes" on to provide feedback. In this case, you will see an attached file at the end of the Instructor Feedback section on the right. Download the file here, and be sure Track Changes is turned on in Word.

If you have any questions about a grade, contact your instructor.