How do I check my grades in Blackboard?
On the left, you should have a button marked "My Grades". Click on that button.

You should see a Total and Weighted Total. Your Total shows your present point total our of how many points for assignments already graded. The Weighted Total is used if your instructor is doing weighted grades. If your instructor is using weighted grades, there will be a description as to how they are weighted in the syllabus. If you have points in Total, and the Weighted Total is blank, your instructor is not using weighted grading.

In the tab above that, you will see a Graded tab. This includes all assignments for which you have been assigned a grade. To get more information on a graded assignment, simply click on the name of the assignment. This will open another screen which will give you more details and will show instructor feedback (for more information, view the FAQ on how to view instructor feedback - FAQ 47).

Next is the Upcoming and Submitted tabs. The Upcoming area shows assignments that are still to be completed in the course.  Submitted shows anything you have submitted, and is waiting for your instructor to grade. 

If you have any questions about your grade, contact your instructor.