How do I submit an assignment on Blackboard?
Navigate to the assignment you are looking to submit. Read the instructions for the assignment, then type up your assignment in Word (or Excel or other program if applicable) and save it to your computer. Once you have completed the assignment, and are ready to upload it, click on the name of the assignment.

From here, scroll to the Assignment Submission area, and either drag and drop the document into the dotted line area, or click on Browse My Computer and select your document.

Browse to the spot on your computer where you saved the document, select it, then click on the Open button.

NOTE: Do not include symbols such as % & $ # etc. in your file name. Also be sure your file name does not exceed 100 characters.  Be sure to save your file in a Microsoft Office or PDF format.

You should now see the file you chose listed as attached. If you need to add any additional comments to your instructor, you can do so in the Add Comments area. Once you are done, click Submit.

Once you finish the submission, you will get a confirmation screen, showing you what you uploaded, with a purple bar at the top letting you know the assignment has been completed and giving you your confirmation number.  You will also receive an email with the confirmation number.